MELOFILMS is an innovative documentary film company dedicated to the production of original, inventive documentaries about subjects outside of the mainstream media. Focusing on the topics not often discussed, MELOFILMS brings light to social, political, and cultural stories that redefine the human experience. Uncovering these stories and giving them a platform to be told is the driving force behind MELOFILMS.

Melody Weinstein

Melody Weinstein is a broadcast journalist and a documentary filmmaker. Born in Atlanta, she received her BA in International Studies at the University of Chicago and an MA in Broadcast Journalism from New York University. Her specialty lies in the field of multimedia production, with an emphasis on digital filmmaking and computer editing.

In addition to filmmaking, Melody is also a multi-media educator working with young people ranging in age from 8 to 21. As a video documentary instructor, she spearheaded the first video program with the University of Hip Hop in Chicago, IL. While at NYU, she worked as a graduate assistant and taught workshops on video production and digital editing, with a focus on documentary development.

In September of 2005, she accompanied a group of NYU journalism students to Houston Texas, where they reported on the victims of Hurricane Katrina. That trip resulted in a half-hour television special on NYU TV about the importance of visual documentation as a tool for education. Melody is dedicated to documentary filmmaking and inspired by the strength and imagination of the youth she has worked with.

After working in the television and film industry in New York alongside acclaimed documentary filmmaker David Grubin, she is currently producing documentary films under her production company, MELOFILMS.


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Party in the Street: The Antiwar Movement and the 2008 Election
Social movements are a critical part of the American electoral process. Movements help to crystallize issues and bring them to the attention of politicians, the media, and the public. Yet, because movements employ unfamiliar tactics and are often "outsiders" to the political process, they are seldom understood - indeed they are fundamentally misunderstood. [read more]

This documentary film - Party in the Street: The Antiwar Movement and the 2008 Election - endeavors to reduce this misunderstanding by examining the most vibrant social movement in the United States today. Party in the Street considers the vital role of the antiwar movement in the 2008 election by following activists, candidates, and voters through the general election campaign. In particular, it explores how citizens attempt to influence political parties through decentralized, grassroots action.

This film is being made as a collaboration with Michael Heaney, a political science professor at the University of Florida. For an interview in which Melody and Michael explain the topic, please click here.

In August 2007, MELOFILMS traveled to Southern Mexico to meet with women who have been positively affected by microfinance. Microfinance is the practice of providing financial services, such as microcredit, microsavings or microinsurance to extremely poor people. As suggested by the name, most transactions involve small amounts of money, frequently less than $100. These loans are typically given exclusively to women and thus have impacted many families from the family level. [read more] play clip

This film will document the effect of microfinance on extremely poor communities in several countries, including Mexico, Panama, Kenya, and India. By comparing the different models of microfinance and the varying effects it has in these countries, the film will explore the power of microfinance throughout the world.


In Feburary, Melody Weinstein and her team will travel to Panama to film the second installment of Currency of Change. In a Central American country that has one of the most diverse histories in the region, MELOFILMS will focus on the extreme division between the rich and the poor and the ways in which microfinance organizations, such as Mi Banco are working to help close this gap.

Check the blog for more updates.

In Spring 2005, Melody received a grant from the NY Chapter of the Film and Television Academy to travel to Japan and produce a film about hip-hop culture in Japan. This journey gave rise to the documentary Remixed in Japan, which addresses the historical development and present practices of Tokyo’s hip-hop community. [read more]  play clip

From its origin in the Bronx, Hip Hop has become a global phenomenon that has taken root in countries all over the world, including Japan. For more than ten years, hip hop has greatly influenced Japanese youth culture, and continues to affect the lives of many young people. Through hip hop, they have been given a voice and a new way to view the world. Through an eclectic cast of characters, this film recounts the explosion of hip hop in Japan and the subsequent rise of new forms of self expression.

The film follows, among others, a female graffiti artist from Shizuoka, a popular rapper from Tokyo, an accomplished music producer, and an international hip hop DJ as they explore what hip hop means in today’s Japan.

REMIXED IN JAPAN showed in film festivals in New York, Atlanta, Delray Beach, Toronto, and Tokyo. It received 2nd best overall documentary at the Atlanta Urban Media Makers Film Festival in 2006.

Winner 2007 Best Short Documentary at the H20 Hip Hop Oddessy Int'l Film Festival, NYC

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